ASCHB Events 2020/2021

Jul 25, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sherry Bates, ASCHB Chairman, has written to all our members about our events and publications. He has announced the start of online webinars. We will run these in two parts: firstly we will put a link to the presentation on the website several days before the online Q&A session, to allow members to see the presentation and formulate their questions. The Q&A session will include the speaker and a session chair plus one or two others socially distanced on camera in the same space if possible. Links to the webinar will be sent via our usual Mailchimp notifications. If you have unsubscribed or don’t get these messages, please contact us through the website for a link.
Sherry also announced that our next conference, Conservation and Carbon. We expect a lively debate, and we have taken the precaution of delaying the conference and AGM until Autumn 2021.
The next issue of Transactions is in preparation. It too has been affected by lockdown, but we expect it will be published well before the conference.

To download the complete letter, click HERE